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Annual Credit Union Directory - Volume 36 (2021)

The Annual Credit Union Directory has something for everyone involved in the credit union industry. With an extensive collection of industry data, in-depth analysis, and vendor profiles, it’s one resource you’ll use again and again.

The Annual Credit Union Directory includes:

Industry Performance: In addition to the Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, find nearly 50 overview graphs and 25 credit union leader tables for metrics such as members, loans, shares, investments, earnings, productivity, and more.

Industry Participants: This section includes financial profiles, leader tables, and contact information for corporate credit unions, CUSOs, regulators, and leagues & associations.

State of the States: State performance rankings, credit union numbers by state, mergers and liquidation data, name changes, credit union contact information by state, and more compose the State Of The States section.

Buyer’s Guide: Looking for the right vendor partner? The Buyer's Guide section has you covered. From payments and delivery channels to marketing and professional services, the Buyer's Guide lists company names and contact information for hundreds of credit union suppliers, including your next partner.

The Annual Credit Union Directory uses 4Q data and is expected to ship in June.

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