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Analytics Roundtable - February 12-13 in Phoenix

Register Now To Join Us In Phoenix

If you register now to join your peers in Phoenix, you’ll join a network of 15-20 analytics executives for a day and a half of collaboration, idea sharing, problem-solving, and networking … and you’ll leave the Roundtable with new contacts, actionable ideas, and strategies you can take back and implement at your credit union.

We have three seats available for non-Roundtable clients. The fee to register is $500. This includes introductions, happy hour, and dinner on February 12 (5:00 p.m.) and the Analytics Roundtable (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) on February 13. Happy hour and dinner on the 12th and breakfast and lunch on the 13th are covered in the registration fee.

This Roundtable is intended for credit unions that already have some kind of data analytics strategy in place.

Callahan Roundtables are attendee-driven, and the “agenda” is 100% relevant to the attendees in the room, meaning each Callahan Roundtable is different. That’s why we can’t share an exact list of discussion topics, but we can share what we heard from analytics executives across 2018.

What Are Analytics Executives Talking About?
  • How is your data analytics team structured? Who does it report to in your organization?
  • What are you doing to drive the data culture at your credit union?
  • Is your credit union using analytics to drive strategy and member experience?
  • What sources of non-member data are you using to analyze your members?
  • What is your data warehousing strategy and where are you on this journey? How and where do you store data? What visualization and other analytics tools are you using?
  • Where do you see predictive analytics having the most impact and where are you investing first? Fraud? Engagement? Product creation?

Questions: Contact Sophia Giulajan at

Schedule Of Events

Tuesday, February 12
5:00 PM: Happy Hour and Introductions in Hotel Fresco Room, Hotel Palomar Phoenix
6:15 PM: Leave for Dinner
6:30 PM: Dinner at TBD

Wednesday, February 13
8:00 AM: Breakfast in Hotel Patio, Hotel Palomar Phoenix
8:30 AM: Analytics Roundtable In Hotel Calavera Junior Ballroom, Hotel Palomar Phoenix
12:00 PM: Lunch in Hotel Patio, Hotel Palomar Phoenix
3:00 PM: Analytics Roundtable Wraps