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Risk Roundtable - May 28-29 in Charlotte

Register Now To Join Us In Charlotte

If you register now to join your peers in Charlotte, you’ll join a network of 15-20 risk executives for a day and a half of collaboration, idea sharing, problem-solving, and networking … and you’ll leave the Roundtable with new contacts, actionable ideas, and strategies you can take back and implement at your credit union.

We have three seats available for non-Roundtable clients. The fee to register is $500. This includes introductions, happy hour, and dinner on May 28 (5:00 p.m.) and the Risk Roundtable (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) on May 29. Happy hour and dinner on the 28th and breakfast and lunch on the 29th are covered in the registration fee.

Callahan Roundtables are attendee-driven, and the “agenda” is 100% relevant to the attendees in the room, meaning each Callahan Roundtable is different. That’s why we can’t share an exact list of discussion topics, but we can share what we heard from tech executives across 2018.

What Are Risk Executives Talking About?
  • How is the role of risk management structured in your credit union? What and who does it involve and where does it report?
  • What does your credit union’s risk dashboard look like?
  • How does your credit union manage the risk associated with new vendor relationships? What is risk’s role in evaluating new vendors?
  • How does your credit union align ERM with audit scope and strategy?
  • Where does risk fall in your credit union’s strategy, mission, and long-term vision?
  • What does your credit union’s risk appetite statement look like? How do you report up to the board in a meaningful way?
  • Other topics such as ERM and the board, communicating with business owners, ERM across the organization, risk training, the role of internal audit, ERM committees, risk consultants, compliance and regulation, and other topics relevant to you and your credit union. 
Schedule Of Events

Tuesday, May 28
5:00 PM: Happy Hour and introductions in Salon A Room
6:15 PM: Leave for Dinner
6:30 PM: Dinner at TBD
Wednesday, May 29
8:00 AM: Breakfast Oak Room
8:30 AM: Risk Roundtable In Juniper Room
12:00 PM: Lunch In Oak Room
3:00 PM: Risk Roundtable Wraps