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Sponsored eBlast

Send a customized email to our newsletter subscribers. The perfect option for any single-purpose campaign, such as a webinar or white paper promotion, our e-blasts can be sent to specific segments of our newsletter readership — or all of them. Send readers to your own landing page to capture names, emails, and other contact information to build your lead generation program. Our team will work with you to optimize your email for our readership and follow up with detailed performance results and campaign metrics.

Ad Specs:

  • Max 70kb size limit to ensure delivery.
  • Max 650px width.
  • No executable code (JavaScript, ActiveX, etc.).
  • TXT file with full HTML email, as well as:
  • Logos.
  • Images (.jpeg or .png).
  • URLs (for all image and links).
  • No 100% image-based emails.
  • PDF of HTML email version for layout purposes.
  • Email subject line: max 55 characters.